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Baby Pink Linear Glitter Toe Guard Cap

Baby Pink Linear Glitter Toe Guard Cap


They come in a pair.


 They are made from a vegan leather upper layer and a velvety bottom layer for ultimate durability! The seams are double sewn with extra strength nylon thread to keep them in-tact even after a fall.


 Two extra-wide grommets at the top will allow for the laces to be threaded through and a heart shaped hole at the bottom will fit snug on the toe stop to help prevent it from moving around.


 These toe guard caps are made to fit a wide variety of roller skates and may fit differently on different skates. A list of confirmed fit skates can be found below.


Confirmed Fits:

-Moxi Skates

-Moonlight Moon Boots

-Suregrip Skates

-Riedell Skates

-Impala skates

-Candi Girl Skates

-Chaya Melrose

-Antik Skates

-Chicago Skates

-C7 Skates

-Crazy Skates

-Angel Skates

-Golden Horse Skates

-Rookie Artistic Skates


If your skates are not listed feel free to reach out and we can let you know if they are compatible!

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